#WPCollab Future

Hey everyone,

I’ve been thinking about how #WPCollab could be brought back to life and would like to share my thoughts on that and things we did.

When this started, what I was realistically hoping for was to find one person interested in working on a plugin together. To say I was surprised to see so many people interested is an understatement. Seven people (from seven different countries) who never met before contributed code and there were a few more involved in planning stages. Compared to expectations, this made WPCollab success, at least in my eyes.

The same thing that made it successful was possibly what made it lose the momentum. Having so many people requires serious project management, and without speaking for anyone else, that wasn’t something I was able to do, especially at the time.

So, what to we do now?

We could try to revive Gitbot, but I’m worried that would eventually lead us to where we are now, again.

Instead, I’m thinking about using WPCollab to set up a site similar to WP Mentor, basically a WordPress matchmaking site, where WordPress professionals can find other WordPress professionals to work with, be it designers looking for developers, developers looking for project managers or any other combination you can imagine. The beauty of WP Mentor is that all it does is connect people. Once you’ve found your mentor or mentee, it’s up to you two how you’ll handle the mentorship.

For some crazy reason, WordPress people really want to work with other WordPress people they don’t know. If WPCollab can just help them meet and then step aside and let them work on whatever they want to work on (free themes, paid plugins, client project…) there’s more incentive for people to join and this whole thing will be way easier to manage.


P.S. I’ll be honest with you, suggesting this is a combination of tunnel vision and trying to scratch my own itch (http://thematosoup.com/web-designer-wordpress-theme/), but the original idea hasn’t changed – help WordPress people find other WordPress people to work with.


WPCollab Team Meeting Wrap-Up 021714

Just wrote the wrap-up for the team meeting yesterday: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yfLFE5WqoQvTkuX7mPBBS9viM84_OZl7TNODUt34vH8/edit?usp=sharing

If you’d like to edit the Google Document, just send a request to me.

Please leave a comment here if you have questions or suggestions. Thanks.

GitHub > WPCollab / WPCollab ?

Should we create an issue-only repo on GitHub?
Currently I open non-code related issues on https://github.com/WPCollab/wpcollab-plugin-skeleton/issues?state=open but this is not really ideal, is it?

What do you think.

P.S.: When I use “guys” in the future, girls do not be offended, please. :-)

Resources about P2

Links on why or how others use P2:

  • How P2 Changed Automattic: http://ma.tt/2009/05/how-p2-changed-automattic/
  • WordPress and Internal Corporate Communications? Why we use P2: https://marketpress.com/2013/wordpress-and-internal-corporate-communications-why-we-use-p2-o2/
  • P2 User Guide: http://p2guide.wordpress.com/
  • Houston P2 child theme by WooThemes: http://www.woothemes.com/2013/11/houston-we-have-lift-off/

This article is worth reading: The Tools We Use – The Revised Edition http://www.woothemes.com/2013/07/the-tools-we-use-the-revised-edition/. The WooThemes team use P2, GitHub, Trello, Google Drive, TeamGantt as their project management tools.

#wpcollab Team Meeting

We are going to be meeting at 12:00PM Monday (http://everytimezone.com/#2014-2-16,1440,6bj) in our Gitter chat (https://gitter.im/WPCollab/Hello-Emoji) to discuss our progress so far and moving forward. Everyone is welcome.

Here’s what I think we need to have on the agenda:


Please leave a comment with what else you think should be on the agenda.

Hey guys awesome idea How do I become…

Hey guys awesome idea! How do I become involved?

Trello Plugin Scope

Let’s discuss what we want the Trello plugin to do and what is in scope for initial release and for future releases.

Be sure to check out their API docs: https://trello.com/docs/

Christian mentioned their are some PHP API wrappers on GitHub. Figuring out which, if any to use or if we can just borrow from the official Trello plugin (http://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/wp-trello/) should be part of the discussion/